Are you looking for an activity that will enhance your son’s physical, mental and emotional abilities? Do you want him to learn important skills that will help him in his academic, professional and personal life?

If you’re looking to provide your son with training that will give him important life skills, consider enrolling him in LASG’s boys gymnastics program for an experience that will make for lifelong memories!




Unlike other activities, gymnastics offers perks that can help boys in every aspect of life. This holistic approach develops the whole child, not just the intellect or personality.

For example, gymnastics athletes are known for their discipline and tenacity. Refining gymnastics routines requires a lot of persistence and hard work. Boys who learn these skills early tend to find success much more frequently in other areas of life.

Gymnastics classes don’t only develop endurance – they also have valuable psychological effects on boys. Through learning and performing routines, boys gradually build their confidence as athletes. This confidence often spills over into other activities, like school or work, and can last long after your son stops class.

Gymnastics can also help your son develop higher levels of self-esteem. Through mastering difficult skills, he learns to love and value himself as a hard worker, which will allow him greater stability in life.




Through studying gymnastics, your son will enjoy cognitive and physical benefits as well. By practicing routines, your son can develop important skills like strength, flexibility, coordination, balance, and body control – all which contribute to a child’s cognitive development.

In addition, studying gymnastics sets the foundation for healthy physical fitness habits throughout your son’s lifetime.

The social benefits of gymnastics are considerable and well-documented. Through taking classes, your son will develop powerful social skills that will serve him well in work and life. These include listening skills, following directions, respecting authority, teamwork, and humility. By providing structure and routine to your son’s day, classes will also offer a sense of security and control. These are protective factors for your son’s confidence and mental health.


What our clients say

Oyumi Asencion

Just AMAZING.. my child has gone from zero to 100 in a matter or months. They are very knowledgeable, professional, and just fun for the kids. They give kids strength and confidence from the very beginning.

Janice Trillo

We decided to hire an instructor to come to our house and work with the girls. It was the best decision we made all last year. Our coach Kristen that comes every week is super professional, safe, and always keeps the girls engaged, working hard and improving. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND the in home program, it has literally saved my life and well worth the money.

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At LASG, our all-male classes are taught by highly-qualified male coaches. In class, your son will be taught how to perform a wide spectrum of routines, including floor exercises, the parallel bars, the pommel horse, the still rings, the high bar and the vault.

We have programs for beginners, intermediate gymnasts, and advanced gymnasts that have received received top honors and achieved nationally-ranked status, including qualifying for the USA Gymnastics All-Star Team.

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